Foot & ankle

Advanced course

Here we go through lower legs, feet and toes. You will gain an in-depth insight into pathology such as tendon ruptures, ligament injuries, tendinosis, swellings, tendovaginitis and fractures as well as how to interpret and evaluate the structures using dynamic examination and evaluation of inflammation and neovascularization with Doppler. In this step, you should have access to your own machine on your clinic so that you can train and send in patient cases for evaluation and feedback.

Examples of course objectives:
  • Knowing how to differentiate between a tendinosis and a rupture in the Achilles

  • To learn how to assess muscle damage in the calf

  • To learn to perform dynamic tests when pinching the ankle or with ligament injuries

  • To evaluate swelling in and around the ankle

Next course:
15-16 April 2021 - Medema Physio Ab, Kista Stockholm
SEK 7,500

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