Introduction to MSKUS

Basic course

Here you learn how the machines work and can scan structures in the body's large joints such as foot, knee, hip, torso, shoulder, elbow and hand. The course contains basic theory and research as well as a strong focus on practical handling. Advantages and pitfalls of the method will be discussed, such as how ultrasound stands up to MRI or plain X-ray. We follow European guidelines on positioning and protocols for scanning. You will learn how to interpret ultrasound images and how to use the equipment in your clinical everyday life and how to keep records. We will also look at examples of pathology, but in this course we mainly focus on basic management. For more in-depth knowledge and pathology, one should also take the in-depth steps.

Examples of course objectives:
  • Learn how ultrasound technology works and is applied in the field of orthopedic medicine.

  • Learn basic machine functions and image optimization

  • Start training practically by scanning selected structures in both the upper and lower extremities.

  • Understand common misinterpretation mechanisms / artifacts and how these are avoided / corrected.

Next course:
4-5 Feb 2021 - Medema Physio Ab, Kista Stockholm
7500 kr

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