Advanced course

Injuries and pain around the shoulder are very common and often constitute a diagnostic difficulty due to the complexity of the joint and non-specific clinical tests. Most of the injuries are of extra-articular genesis and are well suited for examination with ultrasound.

In comparison with MRI, ultrasound has many advantages such as a higher resolution, the possibility of dynamic examination in real time and comparison with a healthy side.

A well-performed ultrasound examination of the shoulder requires good knowledge of both anatomy and practical skills as well as knowledge of common pitfalls.


This advanced course contains both extensive theoretical and practical blocks.

Great focus is placed on practical learning with a lot of scanning.

The course includes:
  • Biceps ruptures

  • Partial & continuous damage to the rotator cuff.

  • Subacromial bursitis

  • Labrum injuries

  • Joint swelling / inflammation

  • Damage / changes in the ac joint

  • Nerve squeezing and muscle atrophies

Examples of course objectives:
  • To learn how to distinguish between a partial and full thickness tear of the rotator cuff

  • To learn how to assess atrophy in the cuff abdominal muscles

  • To learn to use and interpret Doppler

  • To evaluate swelling in and around the joint

  • To try guided injections in the shoulder.

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